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At Harmony Business Consultancy, we have a simple goal: to offer the kind of consultancy that we wholeheartedly believe in – always putting people first, driven by our company culture, and above all, aiming to establish a trusted partnership with our clients.mens centraal, voortgestuwd door onze bedrijfscultuur, en bovenal met het doel een duurzaam partnership aan te gaan met onze klanten.
  • Over 25 years of experience across various industries
  • Focused on digital transformation projects
  • Known for our collaborative, no-nonsense approach
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Some of the businesses we support in digital transformation
Our services and products

Unlocking growth through innovative problem solving with Business Next Step

Harmony helps to define the next steps for your business balancing top line growth, customer expectations and cost-efficiency. Together we discover the problems you want to address and define the vision of the future. We translate your strategy into implementation roadmaps. The way we work is data driven and based on design thinking.

AG Insurance
Thanks to the BNS workshops, HR challenges have been successfully identified and addressed, with concrete insights and practical strategies to improve the candidate experience and streamline recruiters' workflows.
At Belgium's main postal and logistics service provider, we've strengthened the approach for all sales channels by introducing guidelines and a product/channel matrix. For example, we have stimulated collaboration and optimized the customer experience.
GZA Hospitals
With workshops and interviews, we provided valuable insights and practical steps to address project challenges, helping the organization improve project efficiency and drive innovation, even in a rapidly changing healthcare industry.

Cross-industry digital transformation projects

Harmony helps you overcome challenges in your digital transformation projects, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire transformation journey. We take on project and program management, shape your roadmap and enhance the customer journey. Our expertise lies in navigating the realms of data, technology, and change, ensuring comprehensive solutions for your business.

ARAG wanted an optimized solution for all insurance processes on Salesforce. Harmony helped set up the project, determine the roadmap and resources, and monitor the budget. The result? A user-friendly, future-proof platform.
AG Insurance
For AG, the challenge was to provide a simple customer experience for complex products. Harmony used design thinking to go from concept to roadmap. We supported program management, with a focus on change management and marketing.

Business Analysis and Business Architecture

Wij bieden diepgaande analyses, definiëren vereisten en voeren marktonderzoek uit - van klantgerichte tot interne processen. Onze diensten omvatten het identificeren van zakelijke en organisatorische behoeften, het verbeteren van processen en het ontwerpen van bedrijfsarchitectuur.

Met een optimale toewijding aan klantgerichtheid en operationele excellentie, zorgen we voor uitgebreide oplossingen die zijn afgestemd op jullie unieke behoeften.

AG Insurance
AG needed help creating an end-2-end insurance service platform. We had to revisit the entire value chain, from simulation to contract management and claims. Ultimately, we succeeded in launching an easy-to-use, simplified, and future-proof platform for business users to improve sales and optimize their operational workload.
To successfully launch a new “wage engine”, we support Acerta in defining and implementing new analysis methods. Our team is responsible for the rollout and follow-up of this new way of working, and we also have a number of analysts active who take the lead in a number of the analysis streams.

Expertise in various sectors

Our team of consultants brings a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to a diverse array of industries. From retail and finance to healthcare and beyond, our professionals thrive in navigating the unique challenges each sector presents.
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Energy & Telco
Healthcare & Pharma
Marine Industry
A team that operates at a top level

At Harmony, we provide the perfect conditions for everyone to perform at the top level. We are driven management consultants, with experience in digital, customer services and innovation. We think customer-centric, use the industry standard methods and approaches combined with our industry knowledge.

A trusted partner

Customers perceive us as flexible, no-nonsense and solution-oriented. Our collaborative approach involves actively partnering with customers on their projects, prioritizing quality and delivering added value. We offer an impartial and innovative perspective, always considering the long-term implications of our solutions.

Together we'll jump further

Transparency, commitment, creativity and entrepreneurship: the four pillars on which Harmony is built. We bring these values to our customers. You can trust us for the transformation of your organization.  Together, we jump forward.


A strong service through a strong team culture

At Harmony Business Consultancy, we strongly believe in our unique position in the market, which is based on our core values. Each employee plays an essential role in promoting our team culture.

“The complete omnichannel knowledge that Harmony offers is an enormous added value.”
Helena Campens
Digital Strategy & Transformation Manager
Looking for a sustainable partnership?
Whether you're a potential new customer with a project for Harmony, or a consultant looking for a new challenge - we always aim for a long and lasting relationship.

Our insights and stories

Enhancing Data Comprehension: The Power of Semantics
Business Consultancy
In de huidige datagestuurde wereld is het verzamelen van data slechts het begin. Data semantiek, het structureren, documenteren en interpreteren van data, is cruciaal om de volledige waarde van data te ontsluiten.
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After 6 months of Harmony, Young Graduate Lisa looks back
Business Consultancy
In February '23, Lisa started as a Junior Management Consultant. Together with Bart, she joined Harmony Business Consultancy's first Young Graduate Program. Today we look back on the past 6 months and how she experienced this.
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Harmony School makes us “top athletes”
Business Consultancy
At Harmony, we strongly believe in knowledge sharing and personal development. That's why Harmony School was established a few years ago. This initiative came from the Business Consultancy team and has now grown into a range of more than 20 internal and 50 external training courses that colleagues can follow. Underneath, there is a wealth of documentation on relevant topics related to digital transformation, ranging from agile to design thinking, change management to business analysis. Colleagues who have built up expertise in a specific field provide training during digital lunch sessions for interested colleagues. For example, as many as 17 internal training courses were organized last year. The Harmony School team, consisting of Business Consultancy colleagues, coordinates and develops the training offerings.
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