From our platform straight to your customer's (digital) doormat

With CustomerConnect Harmony provides a complete solution for your digital and physical customer communication.
  • Cloud-first approach
  • You have full say about your level of control
  • Multi-channel digital and physical distribution options
  • With an absolute priority for data security
Let’s connect!
Today, Harmony takes care of outgoing communication from:

Total management of all your outgoing communication.

Multi-channel capabilities from A to Z

Seamless customer communication across multiple channels, integrated into one system, achieved with CustomerConnect, whether in batch or ad-hoc: WhatsApp, SMS, email, physical letters, push notifications, and more.


The more personalised the message, the more it resonates with the end customer. That's why personalisation is at the core of what we do.

CustomerConnect integrates with your existing data and extracts information from your back-office systems to create tailored communication for each customer. Whether it's a birthday discount or a custom payment reminder, we ensure that every message counts

Simple integration with existing systems

CustomerConnect seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, This means spending less time on technical matters and more on what truly matters: your customers.

Full control at all times

With CustomerConnect, you're in control. From scheduling campaigns to managing content and approving messages, everything is under your command.

Monitoring tools provide clear visibility into the process, from the first click to the doorstep. And with our comprehensive reporting, you always have your finger on the pulse.

The right people, always available

Knowledge and experience are what sets our team apart. Our consultants and staffing experts bring years of passion and expertise to support your projects.

And should there ever be a question, our 24/7 service desk is always ready to assist.

How can you use CustomerConnect?

Ad hoc, multi-channel communication
Fully automated communication flows
With predefined triggers such as website interactions, document uploads to a DMS, or even a simple button in your CRM system, you can personalise and automate entire communication flows.

Want to send an SMS when an important letter is on its way? A WhatsApp message when an email bounces? There's a solution for every scenario.
Do you have a challenge for us? Get in touch.
Bulk communication
Massive mailings in a very short time
With CustomerConnect, we provide a solution capable of delivering tailored and hyper-personalised communication to millions of people. At the backend, we merge the right information to streamline customer communication. We currently do this for the Goede Doelen Loterij or for many Dutch health insurers.
How does it work?
Additional modules
Add-ons for even more automation
CustomerConnect comes with a collection of add-ons that can further support your communication strategy. This includes links to payment solutions or digital watermarks, for example.
Want to know more?
“We're going from nearly four million communications to more than fifteen million communications. So yeah, it's extremely important we have a good system in place!”
Suzanne van der Heide
Winners & Confirmation Communication

From communication strategy
to complete care

Taking a step towards effortless customer communication is not a decision to be made hastily.

In five steps, we ensure that you can offer the optimal customer journey to your end customers. Our comprehensive approach ensures that CustomerConnect not only meets your current requirements but is also flexible enough to evolve with future developments
Switch to CustomerConnect


In this initial phase, we conduct a thorough analysis of your communication landscape. We identify strengths and any shortcomings to ensure that our CustomerConnect solution seamlessly aligns with your needs.

This includes evaluating your current digital and physical customer communication channels to identify and address any possible "non-fits".


Proof of concept

We develop a customised proof of concept for a predefined use case.

This allows us to demonstrate the effectiveness of CustomerConnect and provides you with insight into its potential benefits. The goal is to instil confidence in the power of our solution and how it can be applied within your organisation.



A detailed strategy and architecture are drafted, including clearly defined milestones and mitigating measures.

This ensures a streamlined and risk-conscious implementation later on. We collaborate closely with your team to ensure a smooth transition to CustomerConnect without disrupting business operations.


Deploy and configure

We launch your new tool and ensure that all settings fit seamlessly.

We provide comprehensive training and workshops to teach your team how to independently configure and manage communication flows.


Onderhoud en beheer

After the successful implementation of CustomerConnect, we remain involved in the maintenance and management of the solution.

Our dedicated service desk is available 24/7 to provide support and address any questions or issues. This ensures the continuity and optimisation of your customer communication processes.

A communication plan tailored to every possible end customer?
Built, managed, and executed with Harmony!

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