Working at Harmony:
Ready to become a Harmonian?

Discover the potential within you at Harmony! Here, your career journey is in your own hands, guided by your unique talents and aspirations. We invite you to explore our current opportunities below and join us in our dynamic expansion.

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Harmony is committed to your growth and development.

You're in control of your career journey. You'll be paired with a coach dedicated to guiding you toward your development objectives and maximizing your potential. Together, we aim to grow and succeed!

Harmony is a friendly club of colleagues who like to sink their teeth into internal and external projects together.

There's a strong sense of unity, which is only reinforced during our events. Communication is open and transparent. Just speak your mind, and we'll work through it together!

Because success starts with happy and healthy employees, we at Harmony are actively committed to well-being.

We listen to the needs of our employees and work with your input. We're constantly looking for opportunities for improvement to ensure that you can be the best version of yourself, in your work but also in your life outside of work.

We reward your dedication and involvement generously.

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What does Harmony
offer you?

Our Harmonians spill the beans!

What does our application process look like?

Ready for a new challenge!

We gladly receive your CV or contact details. We carefully review them and provide prompt feedback. If we see a match, we'll invite you for an initial interview. If we don't immediately see a fit, we'll inform you personally. You'll be included in our database - if you wish - so we can reach out to you again if a suitable vacancy arises later on.

Getting to know Harmony

You'll be promptly invited to a first interview with a future colleague from your unit and someone from HR. This is a mutual introductory conversation. We'd like to get to know you, understand your motivations, learn about your experiences, and what you're looking for. Additionally, we'll gladly provide you with more information about Harmony so you can also assess whether we'd be a good fit together.

Diving deeper

After the initial interview, we'll provide you with feedback as soon as possible.

We may take the time to schedule a second interview to introduce you to more colleagues and potentially delve deeper into specific skills. We want to ensure that the match is perfect from both sides.

Let's go for it!

We don't waste any time. After the final interview, we make a decision promptly and discuss a concrete offer with you as soon as possible. We're committed to making it work! Together, we'll finalize the details and arrange your start date. Your pre-boarding begins right away. We'll invite you to team meetings and activities so you can already feel like a true Harmonian from the start!