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Harmony helps companies grow by helping with their digital transformation with business consultancy and IT solutions.

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Business Consultancy
Absolute focus on commercial added value and sustainable success
A project with keywords digital, customer service or innovation? Then you're in the right place at Harmony. We tackle problems at the core, we think customer-oriented and, thanks to our short lines of communication, can respond very flexibly to your needs.
System integration
A Premium MuleSoft Partner for your complex integration challenges
Drawing from a deep expertise in intricate integration challenges, we deliberately opt for MuleSoft's API management tools. Always with people at the forefront. This approach ensures that we seamlessly make relevant data available in real-time for end customers, suppliers, and employees alike.
Application development
Speed and scalability in app development, powered by OutSystems
Take the leap towards an agile and future-proof application infrastructure with Harmony and OutSystems. Embracing the "low-code, high performance" philosophy, we wholeheartedly opt for power and efficiency to swiftly craft high-quality apps that scale alongside your business.
Customer communication
Manage and automate all your outbound communications with CustomerConnect
We translate your communication strategy into tangible steps, granting you full control over the level of automation. This ensures that your message reaches the right end customer at the right time, through the right channel, fully personalized – whether via WhatsApp or registered mail.
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Our insights and stories

Enhancing Data Comprehension: The Power of Semantics
Business Consultancy
In de huidige datagestuurde wereld is het verzamelen van data slechts het begin. Data semantiek, het structureren, documenteren en interpreteren van data, is cruciaal om de volledige waarde van data te ontsluiten.
After 6 months of Harmony, Young Graduate Lisa looks back
Business Consultancy
In February '23, Lisa started as a Junior Management Consultant. Together with Bart, she joined Harmony Business Consultancy's first Young Graduate Program. Today we look back on the past 6 months and how she experienced this.
Integration platform in healthcare: nice to have or a necessity?
System Integration
Healthcare organisations are navigating new challenges in data sharing and interoperability, with iPaaS offering a solution to regain control over implementation and data ownership. iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, connects cloud and on-premises systems, enabling efficient data integration, API management, and workflow synchronisation. It represents the evolution of integration solutions, crucial for maintaining control and adaptability in the evolving healthcare landscape.