Harmony helps companies grow by helping with their digital transformation, with business consultancy and IT solutions.


Our values

Transparency, engagement, creativity and — of course — entrepreneurship: these are the four pillars on which Harmony builds.

Sticking to these core values is really a prerequisite for successful change management, no matter how diverse that may be. Rely on us to transform your organisation. Together, we'll jump further.

Your guide towards digital transformation!

Harmony ensures a seamless transition to a digital organisation. ”Team up for digital change” is our motto. Harmony is known for its cooperative, no-nonsense approach to both business and IT.

We assist organisations in their journey towards digital transformation across various sectors and domains. Harmony offers comprehensive services, from consulting to the implementation of off-the-shelf solutions and managed services.

Complete service
from A to Z

Harmony provides comprehensive services! Whether the challenges lie in application development, system integration, automated digital customer communication, or project management... We have the solution(s) for you. Together, we strive for growth!

Our collaboration doesn't end with the implementation of our solutions. We remain at your service! How do we do this? Our experienced service desk is available 24/7 for you. This ensures that your issues are addressed immediately. You can count on us!

Working together for a better future for everyone

Our company is dedicated to supporting society through local initiatives and charities. Activating our employees to contribute is essential to us. We achieve this through challenges and sponsorship, emphasizing involvement in charitable causes as a core value of our company culture.

Growth and wellbeing for every employee

At Harmony, our employees are at the core of our success, and their growth and well-being are our priority. We provide growth opportunities and well-being initiatives, such as the Individual Choice Budget (IKB) in the Netherlands and the Flexible Income Plan (FIP) in Belgium, to support their professional and personal development.

Harmony's Commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility

At Harmony, we are committed to promoting a healthy living and working environment, with everyone's responsibility at the forefront. We strive to minimize our environmental impact by promoting electric driving, offering a mobility budget, implementing waste separation and reduction, and supporting sustainable initiatives.

Corporate Social Responibility

As a company, we are aware of our impact on society and the environment. We strive to minimize this impact and take responsibility for our actions.

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