Rapid and scalable integrations of your data and systems - with MuleSoft

As a premium MuleSoft partner, Harmony seamlessly connects all your data and systems with a steadfast focus on scalability and security. Whether it's legacy systems, on-premise, or in the cloud, we streamline it all.
  • Integrate all your current and future systems with connectors.
  • With the finest MuleSoft certified consultants in the BeNeLux under one roof.
  • Consistently maintaining the latest security protocols and certifications
  • Backed by a 24/7 available service desk.
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Harmony ensures smooth integration with MuleSoft today for

We assist in driving your growth through automation, integration, and optimisation.

A proven approach tailored to your needs.

Harmony employs a proven approach for every MuleSoft project, ensuring a high-quality solution optimised to deliver rapid results for you.

Real-time access to all data for everyone

A seamless integration between systems ensures that everyone can access the most up-to-date information at any time. This means end customers, suppliers, and employees can access the correct data in any desired structure without delay.

Based on a a thoughtful integration architecture

By operating from a carefully considered integration architecture, we harmonise the data and application layers within an organisation, ensuring coherence between systems and facilitating optimal information exchange. At the infrastructure level, this provides a secure, scalable, and flexible environment, regardless of cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment. This way, Harmony supports the most efficient, agile, and cost-effective business operations for you.

With reusable and purpose-driven APIs

We deliberately opt for MuleSoft's reusable and purpose-driven APIs to save development time and increase consistency. As a Premium partner, Harmony contributes to the development of standard interfaces sold worldwide. This allows our clients to benefit from faster innovation and a shorter time-to-market for new features.

Personal support, available 24/7

Harmony offers a 24/7 accessible service desk, ready to assist with any query!

What makes integrations with MuleSoft so powerful?

The standard in integration
MuleSoft is the integration platform for forward-thinking companies
MuleSoft's customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, healthcare institutions, retailers, and major technology firms. Additionally, analyst firms consistently recognise MuleSoft as an iPaaS leader. This prominent market position fosters an active community that shares reusable connectors, templates, and APIs, expediting development and time-to-market even further.
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API-first strategy
Agile and scalable
APIs provide a uniform interface for communication between systems. They serve as building blocks that are easily reusable and adaptable to changes in business processes. Additionally, you can easily protect data by setting up authorization and authentication at the API level.
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Hybrid integration
Get the most out of your investments
With MuleSoft, Harmony builds the bridge between on-premise systems and cloud environments for you. This allows you to maintain 100% control over data flows between applications and enables legacy systems, for example, to continue operating with an additional service layer for a seamless user experience.
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“Thanks to Harmony and MuleSoft, we have a reliable and flexible integration platform that helps us meet our company's growing needs. It has made our IT infrastructure future-proof.”
Niels Van der Voort
IT Concern Architect at Cordaan

In 5 steps
towards optimal system integration

Through our experience, we understand that initiating a "system integration" project is a significant step.

Timelines, costs, quality, and security play crucial roles that are difficult to gauge in a demo or sales conversation.

With our "5-step plan," you can set aside those concerns as we work together to navigate a digital transformation journey.
Is system integration on your radar?


In this phase, we explore together with you whether it makes sense to implement MuleSoft and what is needed to make it successful. We examine your applications, how they can collaborate, the data and logic you already possess, and the benefits of reusable and evolving connections.


Proof of Concept

With a trial license of MuleSoft, we swiftly allow you to experience the power and capabilities of the MuleSoft platform by executing an integration example in a secure testing environment. Following this, you can decide whether you truly want to adopt MuleSoft, and we commence planning the architecture..



In this phase, we develop an initial architecture for the project. We create an architecture that enhances the synergy between your information flows and application ecosystem. We ensure a robust and secure IT infrastructure, optimised for cloud, on-premises, or hybrid setups, with the appropriate scaling to meet your technical and business requirements. This forms a solid foundation for the digital transformation of your organisation.



Next, we configure MuleSoft with the appropriate environments and user management, and set up VPN tunnels if necessary. We integrate a CI/CD pipeline with your platform and code repository for a streamlined development and delivery process. Concurrently, we develop technical designs for each integration based on the initial architecture. These integrations are then Agile developed, tested, and prepared for your approval. Upon approval, they go live, and we hand them over for management.


Maintenance and Management

The integrations and platform are proactively monitored. In the event of issues, the service desk initiates an analysis, resolves the problem, engages with third parties if necessary, and implements fixes as needed. Through Service Level Management, we maintain communication with you and propose potential improvements to the landscape.

An integration plan tailored to every possible end customer?
Built, managed, and executed with Harmony!

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